Know Your Rights And Win

Traffic Court with Cop

You may be surprised to learn that there are several things to consider before ending up in traffic court, paying a big fine, logging up points and higher insurance premiums. What are your chances of getting a reduced fine or a complete dismissal?

Can you get rid of a traffic ticket once it’s been issued? Just like you would call a web design company to help you build a website, you can call a local traffic school and enlist someone to help your case. I would advise skipping the expensive lawyer if this is a first offense, and have an experienced educator look over the ticket details for a fraction of the cost. There are several things to look for when on the receiving end of a traffic violation.

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6 Things To Know When Dealing With Traffic Court


Morrison, Colorado has a reputation for being a speed trap. Nonetheless, despite its well known reputation, it’s a fair guess that the majority of its revenue still comes from traffic violations. Most smaller municipalities are highly dependent on traffic ticket income. It’s the way it is in America from Buffalo tow trucks to rescue services in Maine, emergency response service companies stretched across the northern part of the United States have a more challenging time battling winter driving conditions. If you haven’t caught on to this by now, then you need to get out more.

This morning while driving up North Turkey Creek Canyon in Morrison, I passed a limousine that had been pulled over, presumably for speeding. The passengers, undoubtedly not pleased, and the driver may lose his job. Life on the road. Supposedly there is no discrimination, and you rarely see a limo pulled over. However, being a professional driver he should know his stuff, and understand that he if he fights his case, he’s likely to walk with the ticket getting dismissed or at the least a reduction in fine and points. There are ways to get that ticket thrown out. The odds of getting the ticket dismissed are in the favor of the driver.

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