9 Ways To Avoid Getting A Speeding Ticket



So how do you avoid being stopped by the police while operating a motor vehicle? Well, first things first. Red cars attract the most attention on the road. My good friend Paul Maddalena use to say red sports cars are like a Matador’s cape to a bull. While we all like to floor it on an open stretch of road, you reduce your chances of having that much fun, and not getting ticketed when driving a red car. The odds of getting a speeding ticket in the US are about 1 in 20. That’s an average number, and isn’t designated by make, or color of the car. Revenue from speeding tickets accounts for approximately 6 billion (with a B) dollars a year. It’s big (with a B) business, and that’s life in the fast lane.

It can be especially tempting to speed when stuck behind a slow moving vehicle carrying a big load. With all the new construction taking place, large trucks have been slowing traffic on our roadway system lately. Passing these vehicles and their pilot car is tricky and can easily result in a speeding ticket.

One of my first cars was a red Austin-Healey 3000 MKII. I lived in the hilly township just outside of town and I loved to mess with the country cops. I don’t suggest doing anything unlawful, and always drive safe, but it’s impossible to hold it in, all the time, on back country roads driving a little red sports car. When motoring home late into the evening I often noticed a cop sitting in a treed cut-out along the side of a particular road. The terrain was hilly and this is where the fun would come in. Knowing he was there I’d drop my speed to about 5 mph over the limit. Sure enough he would pull out and begin to follow me. As I crested a hill and dropped out of sight I’d gun it and tear up the next quarter mile before he had a chance to crest the hill. I would immediately slow down to the speed limit once I was in his radar again. This would go on for several miles and I never got tickets. He knew I was messing with him, but didn’t have anything on me. It was just a little bit of harmless fun.

In the real world, here are 9 ways to avoid getting a speeding ticket.


1. As stealthy as I was, don’t speed if you are the only car on the road.
2. Stay in the middle of the traffic. If other cars around you are speeding you won’t be singled out.
3. Don’t use the far left lane except for passing, and then move right back into the middle or right lanes.
4. Avoid weaving in and out like you’re on a track.
5. If following another speeder – a “rabbit”, let him be the first to show up on the radar and use his brake lights to signal you when he spots a cop.
6. Staying under 10mph over the stated speed limit will usually give you a pass. Anything at 8 or more miles per hour over, and it’s going to get attention – and you’re going to get a ticket.
7. If you can bear to trade in your re-conditioned Super Sport for a Toyota sedan you are less likely to be targeted.
8. Get a radar detector. Not all states allow them so check this out first.
9. Drive responsibly. This goes without saying, but never put you or others at risk.

So you can add to the 6 billion dollar revenue generated by speeders across the land, or you can pick your times, and places wisely and avoid the fine. With the average ticket cost being $150 and the increase in insurance you would be smart to keep the pedal from pressing the metal whenever you’re in the car.

Leave me a comment below. What do you think is a “safe” way to speed and get away with it?